Rank Name   Price    Accuracy   Features   Guarantee Rating More Info
1 US Search      
     79 Cents
   98.1%  5-included       Yes    55555
2 InteliGator  
   99.3% 32-included       Yes 55555
3 Intelius    
   98.9%  7-included       Yes 55555

US Search

US Search
  • 4.954.954.954.954.95
  • 4.954.954.954.954.95
  • 4.954.954.954.954.95
  • 4.974.974.974.974.97
  • 4.994.994.994.994.99

US Search ReviewUS Search was founded in 1994, and virtually pioneered information technology when it comes to finding people via the Internet. Their services  have helped millions of U.S. based customers find long lost, friends, relatives, classmates and love interests. Aside from providing customers with addresses, phone numbers, reverse phone lookup searches, US Search provides many  customers with peace of mind with their other “extra” services such as criminal background checks, Sexual offender check and Date Check ( a service that will check the background of your online dating match before your first date).

US Search has one of the largest reverse phone lookup  and reverse cell phone lookup databases containing over 1 billion private landline, cell phone and other unlisted phone numbers. Most importantly, their data is super accurate and up-to-date.

What makes US Search unique as compared to other reverse phone lookup providers?  Well, for starters, most phone number lookup providers purchase stale, out-of-date data and continue to use this out-of-date data for months. According to the US Census, 1 in 5 Americans move every 12-18 months. So to acquire the freshest reverse lookup databases, US Search partners with multiple data providers that have the most recent information that is continually updated monthly, weekly, even daily. Immediate access to the most up-to-date data is a key factor that makes them unique, and gives us confidence to rate US Search our number 1 reverse phone lookup service.


  • Price : 79 Cents for one  (1) reverse phone lookup  (No recurring fees) Less than the price of a candy bar!
  • By far, the most popular and widely used  reverse phone lookup service in the United States, used by over 2 million people monthly.
  • Their database covers: land lines, cell phones, voice over IP numbers, toll-free phone numbers, unlisted numbers and fax numbers.
  • Other “extra cost” services (criminal background check, Date Check, a registered sexual offender check, state and federal court records, arrest records etc.)
  • What is included in a 79 Cents reverse lookup? 1) Name and address of phone number owner, 2) His/her median income, 3) Home values in the neighborhood they live in, 4) Names of other people living in the same household, 5) Information on whether the phone number is a cell phone or land line and the carrier name.
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with the search. Yes, even at 79 Cents you can get your money back too.
  • 24/7 customer service standing by and ready to help if you are having trouble with your purchased phone lookup search


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  • 55555
  • 55555
  • 4.964.964.964.964.96
  • 55555
  • 4.984.984.984.984.98

Inteligator reviewsWe love InteliGator.  Its truely a unique service with an incredible amount of data all packed into one monthly unlimited service. Did we say “monthly”? Yes, we did, but before your tune away, sometimes you have to really analyze all the data you get. Its not just your typical reverse phone lookup service. For the $19.95 monthly membership fee you get unlimited access to their entire database, not just reverse phone lookup data, and best of all, you can do 100, 200 even thousands of searches every month for the same monthly fee. For this fee you get access to:

  • 3500 county court records
  • 50 appellate court records
  • 30+ years of address history from over 1000 sources
  • National court records
  • County arrest records from 250 counties around the U.S.
  • Sex offender records from all 50 states
  • State and federal prison records
  • 300million criminal records

The biggest, most important advantage in using InteliGator?  Its perhaps the largest provider of background, reverse lookup services for the Private detective industry. In fact, Over 90% of the phone number lookup searches are done by licensed private detectives and it is endorsed by three of the powerful investigative industry licensing and training organizations: The National Data Providers Bureau, The Private Investors’ Union Members’ board, and the industry licensing organization, the National Association of Investigative Specialists.


  • Price: $19.95(monthly) for unlimited reverse phone lookups and other background data named above.
  • Database covers all types of cell numbers, land line, unlisted numbers, 800 numbers, fax numbers, criminal records, court records, etc..
  • There are NO “extra services” because the entire database of over 2 billion records is included, so NO EXTRA FEES!
  • 100% guarantee if not satisfied, no questions asked.
  • Private detective industry endorsed
  • Its the data service of choice for most private detective professionals

Types of searches that you get ( as part of your $19.95/month membership) IN ADDITION to reverse phone lookup searches are unlimited:

  • Inmate Records
  • Sex Offenders
  • DUI/DWI Records
  • Court Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Warrant Records
  • Police Records
  • Address History
  • Death Index
  • Marital Status
  • Relatives and Associates
  • Property Records
  • Reverse Phone Search
  • Felonies and Convictions
  • Alias and Date of Birth
  • Unclaimed Money
  • Criminal records




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  • 4.934.934.934.934.93
  • 4.984.984.984.984.98
  • 4.934.934.934.934.93
  • 4.884.884.884.884.88
  • 4.864.864.864.864.86

intelius ReviewIntelius is one of the largest data providers on the Internet. In fact, they are ranked among the top 100 commerce sites on the Internet ( in the company of Amazon.com, Ebay.com and Google.com) and very well respected. Their database is constantly being updated with cross-referenced phone numbers from over 1.5 billion records. Records that include utility customer records, cable tv records and more.

For that no nonsense reverse phone lookup, Intelius is the provider of choice. Most people just need the basic information when then have a telephone number in hand, and Intelius provides then with that basic information, which is 1) current address of phone number owner 2) and the name of the phone number owner, thats it! But for most people, like you and I, that is sometimes sufficient information. However, Intelius also gives you that piece of mind that once you find the person’s address and name (for the $4.99 fee), you may want to dig deeper, like finding any criminal record or pending court cases or perhaps an arrest record. These “additionals” are not included in a simple ($4.99) reverse phone lookup, however its nice to know, that at a click of a mouse and a few more dollars, I can find that information.



  • Price : $4.99 for  a single reverse phone lookup  (No – monthly fees)
  • Reverse phone database covers: land-lines, cellullar phones, VOIP numbers, tollfree  numbers and private/unlisted numbers
  • For an additional fee you can get: a criminal background check on anyone, Date Check ( to check the background of your new online date), Sex-offender search, All court records, if any, all arrest records, if any
  • The information you get in a typical reverse phone lookup include: address, median family income and home values in the neighborhood, names of people living in the same household, also it distinguishes if the number is a cellular number or a land-line and the name of carrier is give.
  • Money back guarantee ( no questions asked) if search found nothing, which only happens less than 2% of the time with Intelius.

If you bought a reverse lookup from Intelius and would like to leave your own rating to help others, please click the “comments” link below or for more detailed comparisons of all 3 services, please click the following reverse phone link.

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